Purpose made to last

20mm polyethylene netting with thicker strands to resist abraison.


Contains highest UV prohibiter possible without degrading strength of net.

Quality workmanship

Our fifth generation netmakers have over 60 years experience working with netting.

Warranty on netting

We are so confident in the quality that we offer a 10 year warranty on our netting.

Our cat enclosure netting

Our cat runs and cat enclosures are designed and built from purpose-made 20mm polyethylene netting. It features thicker strands to resist abrasion and contains the highest UV prohibiter possible without degrading the strength of the net. Our netting is also autoclaved under tension so it won’t sag.

SecureaKat use the highest quality netting available for your cat enclosure and it will not cost you any more. You won’t find any other cat enclosure company in Australia using netting of this high quality because we are the only company in Australia that supply it!

SecureaKat is a Division of Advanced Nets and Ropes, Australia’s leading netting company, so you can rest assured that we know our nets and know how to work with netting properly! We are so confident in the quality that we offer a 10 year warranty on our netting.

Click here to request a sample of our netting and see the quality for yourself.

Our fixtures and fittings

SecureaKat use only the highest quality marine-grade stainless steel fixtures, fittings and wire on our enclosures and we install them correctly. These fixtures, coupled with our superior quality, UV protected netting, means your cat enclosure installation will last for a long time and survive anything the weather can throw at it.

We do not use the inferior “hog-ring” method of installation. Instead, we use traditional tried and tested hand-rigged netmaking techniques to ensure that your enclosure will last.

Using the same methods our parent company Advanced Nets and Ropes uses in industrial bird exclusion installations, our SecureaKat zips are double machine stitched to industrial webbing for strength, which means they will last through extended use.

Snake deterrent netting

Cats and snakes obviously don’t mix. If you live in an area near snakes and are thinking about getting a cat enclosure but are worried about snakes getting inside, we can help!

In areas where snakes reside, we can install UV stabilized, 10mm, deterrent netting around the base of the cat enclosure. This mesh size is too small for most snakes to fit through, plus the netting is rougher than our regular cat enclosure netting. Snakes don’t like to slither over the rough netting so this stops them from moving up and over it towards the regular netting.

Our combination of smaller mesh size and rougher netting protects your cat enclosure and the cats inside from the dangers posed by snakes. This means you can happily give your kitty the freedom of being outside without having to worry about a snake bite.


We create affordable netted cat runs and cat enclosures custom installed to any size and shape, freestanding or attached to the side of your house.

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Our established range of Kat Cubes come in a range of different sizes and be assembled quickly and easily with nothing more than a mallet.

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We are able to install the best quality custom cat enclosures at low prices because of our experience and size. Our costs are much lower and we pass these savings onto our customers.

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