Don’t risk the safety of your cat.
Make sure that your enclosure is installed by professional and experienced Netmakers.

At SecureaKat we truly believe that quality is not expensive, its priceless. We install the highest quality, long lasting, finished products and use only the highest quality UV stabilized cat enclosure netting and fittings available. We do not cut corners.


We have been creating cat runs and enclosures in Australia since 2003. SecureaKat was established to fill a gap in a market that was full of expensive metal enclosures. We aim to provide a cheaper, environmentally friendly, effective and less visually impacting solution, to allow cats the freedom of outdoors in complete safety.

SecureaKat is a family run business operating as a Division of Australia’s leading netmakers Advanced Nets and Ropes. Our fifth generation netmakers have over 60 years’ experience in the netting industry. Advanced Nets & Ropes are compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry, and the Australian Government Implementations Guidelines. All of our installers hold a current National Police Certificates and Catholic Police Unit Certificates enabling them to work in schools and residential homes.

Using our contacts, we are able to supply you with the best quality netting available in Australia for use in your cat enclosure and it will not cost you any more. We are 100% serious when we tell you that our netting is the best you will find… because we are the only company in Australia that can supply it! Find out more about our netting below.

Oh… and we should probably add that we love cats as well! You can read about our pets and more on our blog.


SecureaKat are able to install the best quality custom cat enclosures at low prices because of our experience and size!

Advanced Nets & Ropes are one of Australia’s largest net companies and complete some of Australia’s largest and most complicated netting installations so that means we buy big and we pass the savings on to our customers.

Our world leading experience and skill in netting techniques means that we can complete a job more efficiently and in less time than our competitors whilst creating the best possible cat enclosure for you and your pets. Because of the way we operate, this means that we are able to travel Australia installing custom cat enclosures at low prices!

Combining these two points of difference means one thing…
Our costs are much lower than our competitors and we pass these savings onto our customers.

At both Advanced Nets & Ropes and SecureaKat we truly believe that quality is not expensive, its priceless. We install the highest quality, long lasting, finished products and this means that we use only the highest quality UV stabilized cat enclosure netting and fittings available and we do not cut corners.


Cats love being outside for the fresh air, the freedom and to enjoy the sunshine as well as the chance to run around and get some exercise. Aside from the possible legal implications of letting your pet cat roam free, there are dangers to you cat and its health.

Netted cat enclosures and cat runs prevent your cat from escaping whilst stopping others from getting in. Many local councils actively encourage cat owners to keep their pets inside at night.

Research has shown that aside from disease, the majority of incidents involving cats occur at night. Whether its a traffic accident, harm to surrounding wildlife (Pet cats kill an average of 16 mammals, 8 birds and 8 reptiles every year. 900 000 pet cats by 32 wildlife each per year = 29 million wildlife DPI Australia) or an injury to your cat from a fight.

Recent studies from the US suggest that town cats are more stressed than rural cats because their territory is smaller and they spend much of their time protecting it against rivals. They also found that city cats crossed the paths of at least 10 other felines a day, and half had to deal with rivals entering their home to steal food.

This has lead local councils to actively encourage owners to keep their pets inside at night to prevent harm through injury or disease whilst protecting our endangered wildlife in the surrounding community. As councils crack down on cat owners, cat enclosures are becoming more important in Australia as a way to still allow pet cats the freedom of being outside.

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Cats live for longer

  • Cats can’t escape
  • They don’t get hit by traffic
  • They don’t accidentally get locked in sheds/garages
  • Cats are protected from rapidly spreading Feline Aids & Feline Panleukopenia (Cat Plague)
  • Cats are safe from pesticides in neighbouring gardens
  • Your pet is protected from feral cats
  • You have total control over what your cat eats

Happy neighbours

  • No cats roaming around in their gardens
  • No cats digging up their plant pots
  • No cat mess in their garden
  • No cats catching birds that are welcome in their garden

Environmentally friendly

  • Cats can’t hunt wildlife
  • Native species are protected
  • Netted cat enclosures use less resources to construct than metal cages

Lower cost of ownership

  • No injuries from getting hit by traffic
  • No vet bills from cats fighting
  • Less chance of your cat picking up a disease or infection
  • Total control over what your cat eats
  • This all means lower vet bills for you!

Spend more time with your cats

  • Your cat spends all their time in your garden with you
  • Totally safe environment

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We create affordable netted cat runs and cat enclosures custom installed to any size and shape, freestanding or attached to the side of your house.

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Our established range of Kat Cubes come in a range of different sizes and be assembled quickly and easily with nothing more than a mallet.

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We are able to install the best quality custom cat enclosures at low prices because of our experience and size. Our costs are much lower and we pass these savings onto our customers.

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